During this #beinspired challenge, you've done many things. You've walked with loved ones, practiced yoga on your mat at home and at the studio with friends, listened to classical music and belted out classic rock songs in your car, knit scarves, watched speakers brave the stage to share their stories, swung on the swing with your children, started a book, finished a book, and started another book. And so much more. 

But what you've really done over the last 21 days is to create your own catalog of activities that nourish and inspire you. 

So on days when you there's a pause in your daily routine and you find yourself wondering, What can I do now?, take your dog for a walk, or watch a Ted Talk and learn something new.

And on the days when life feels tense or uncertain and you ask yourself, 'What should I do now?' return to this same list. Instead of trying to solve it all right away, ask yourself, 'what do I really love?' and do that.

Do more of the things that make you feel more really alive, the things you really love. That's what yoga--and really, life--is about.

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Reading is like yoga. Much like the feeling I get when I haven't taken a yoga class in a long time, I can tell when I haven't been reading; I feel more easily agitated and fidgety. Reading helps reduce stress and calm the mind and body. 

But did you know that reading may even lower blood pressure and slow the progress of Alzheimers? Click here for a list of 10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Everyday.

And here's another reason to read everyday: it's FUN! Reading, particularly fiction, takes us out of our everyday life and transports us to a different place, time and focus, helping us to not get overwhelmed by the myriad of tasks, people and responsibilities vying for our attention.

Open a book...and go somewhere fun!
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Day 16: Drop and give me 20!




The variety of exercise regimens and equipment available has grown exponentially in the last 20 years. Yet somehow there is no replacement for push-ups. This basic exercise if one of the most common and has been around probably as long as we have.

Push-ups recruit several major muscles groups, including biceps, core muscles, triceps, pectorals, and deltoids making it a very effective way to increase upper body strength and overall tone. Done consistently, they can also help to prevent shoulder injuries. (Remember to bring the knees to the floor if you're working with sensitivity in the lower back.) Besides the physical benefits, push-ups are a very easy way to get rid of nervous tension or stress and get an ego boost. 

So go ahead. Wherever you are, drop and give me 10 of your best...20 if you're feeling brave. And if you feel as if the classic push-up is not entertaining enough, check out the video below for some creative variations.

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