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I wish I were a whale.

Oh to be a whale this time of year, plunging deep into the cool, dark sea. That's the medicine we need on these hot, humid days. Swimming. 

In the Mind-body Reset program this week, we're exploring how to keep cool and healthy even in the summer's heat. It's not an easy task, especially on days like today when it may feel like whatever you do, you're still a sweaty hot mess. 

So how do you cool your whole system down? Take a plunge into some fresh cool water and go for a swim, preferably in the morning or evening. And if you can't be a whale, and you can't make it out to the lake for a swim, then a cool shower will help.

Avoid exercise in the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak. A gentle morning walk or yoga practice is best. Head outside early under the shade of the oak trees at Condon Shell Park with Loni on Wednesday morning at 8am for Outdoor Yoga Flow. Try Greta's Gentle Yoga class on Friday mornings live in the Online Studio at 9:30am. 

Since your body may not be moving as much as it normally does, meditation can help with overall ease and managing stress. To help you with some meditation inspiration, we have a very special gift for you: a free guided dream meditation with the wonderful Lisa DiMatteo. Set aside 15 minutes one night this week and practice along with her. You can access it here in the Free New Moon Meditations on our Namastream site.

It's hard being human. And part of my mission is making tools available that help you manage what it is to be human, even on a hot, sweaty, glorious summer day. 

All my best,

Emilie + the borealis team

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Spots are filling up for this week!

Only a few spots left for Wednesday morning + evening, and Thursday morning classes. Practicing together in community is such a gift. Get outside with us!

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Featured video:
REPLAY: Build strength for wheel pose with Emilie Reid
find it in the Online Studio under "New for August!"

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Want to join Emilie for a livestream class?

Join her for a Strength class every Tuesday at 9:30-10:30am EST, or click here to get our livestream class schedule.


NOTE: borealis is closed August 24-30th for end of summer break. There will be no livestream classes that week, but you can access all the on-demand videos your heart desires. ❤️


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When we know better: Crimes against wisdom with Veronica Wolff-Casey

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Yoga lessons off the mat: go with the flow



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borealis briefly | July 20, 2020




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What's possible?!

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In a time when so many of the activities and ways of doing things have changed to adjust for health concerns, it feels like so much of the old summer fun has been cancelled. So let's get creative and think, "What's possible?!"

I keep asking myself this question. Here's what I came up with:

  • Ice cream is possible. (Colleen's is open everyday.)
  • Dinner al fresco (socially distanced) with friends is possible.
  • Swimming at Walden Pond is possible. (It's on my list.) 
  • Visiting the local Farmers Market. (Medford's is on Thursdays!)
  • Walking the dog late at night with the sun still possible!
  • Yoga outside in the park is possible. (Hooray!)

And now practicing yoga in a studio with other humans is now finally possible! (Three cheers!)

Like everything on the list, it will look different than it was before.

The Massachusetts re-opening restrictions make sense from a health perspective. But not from a business perspective. At least not the way we did business before. So I've had to get creative and ask, "What's possible?!"

I came up with a plan that I'm actually super excited about! And I can't wait to share with you. I'm finalizing details with the team, so stay tuned for an announcement soon. 

We want to hear from you first.

Will you please take 3 minutes and fill out this survey?

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Thank you for your continued support of our small business. And we can't wait to see you (in-person or online) very soon.

All my best,

Emilie + the borealis team

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Outdoor Family Yoga - Monday Aug 3rd @5pm!

with Greta Fiorina at Medford's Condon Shell Park

Sign up now to join us!

family yoga

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Cool down under the trees with us next week!

Sign up now to join us outside. Click link below for schedule, health + safety guidelines, and registration.

Classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday + Saturday!

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Feeling hot?

Don't miss your chance to join us for a Free LIVE Masterclass "Surviving Summer" Monday July 27th, 7-8pm

with Veronica Wolff-Casey + Emilie Reid

Surviving Summer Online Masterclass

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Featured video:
35-minute Lower-Body Stretch with Holly
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Practice with us!
Yoga for Runners - Pre-Run Stretches with Geeta

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What if your health depended on the health of others? Would you want them to take better care of themselves? Share this newsletter.

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borealis briefly | May 26, 2020




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Your new life starts now.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for something to be different. This staying at home, not knowing what's going to happen next, worrying, not sleeping's tiring. 

Summer is around the corner, so something's gotta give, right? Life, nature, the seasons, all teach us that change is inevitable. But we also know that we have agency in change, too. That's why movement practices like yoga are so powerful. They actually get us to move, and movement creates change. 

We know that moving and meditating is good for us, but it's not until we actually do these things that we feel the immediate effects on ourselves and those around us. The husband of one of our online members told me yesterday, "thank you for helping me." His wife has been doing our live classes twice a week, and meditating along with our guided meditations, and HE is the one thanking me. That's the power of these practices. 

Sometimes we need a little help. That's why I've created the Mind-body Reset program - a 3-day online program to help you reset and start fresh. Check out the details here and below.

So what are you waiting for? The way you feel right now is a result of past decisions you've made. And you have the opportunity to make new decisions today. 

All my best,

Emilie + the borealis team

P.S. If you haven't joined our Online Membership, now is the time. It's here to stay, and we'll be adding new recorded practices each month so you can keep moving and meditating from home, your summer cottage, or wherever you are around the world. (Did you know we have people joining us from Hawaii and Canada?!) No excuses. We've made it easy to say "yes" with 1 month free access with coupon code: BOREALISGUEST.

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3 days to manage your energy levels, get mental clarity + feel great!

Join this 3-day online program with Emilie Reid June 1st - 3rd.

Learn how incorporating a simple routine of exercise, meditation and herbs can help you manage your energy levels, get better sleep, and boost your immune system.

What happens if you don’t do this? Nothing. 

If there’s a part of you that wishes something was different - even if you can’t put your finger on it - then hit the reset button. We’ll do it together. You’re not alone.

We'll start off with a live kick-off call with Emilie on Sunday May 31st at 7:30-8:30pm. 


Registration closes Saturday May 30th at 2pm EST. So get ready to reset now and sign up today!

Cost: $45

Benefit: more balanced energy to meet your day, tools to help you reset on a daily basis, more ease in your physical body, and more!

Sign up now! Click here for details and registration.

Join the private Members Only Facebook Group for more personal connection and inspiration.