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Learn tools for your own self-care.

Reiki Image Hands 2

More and more people are realizing the power of their own hands.

Reiki helps promote the body's natural ability for healing and well-being. Join Reiki Master and nurse Michelle Heron for a training that will give you the tools to heal yourself and help others.

Reiki I Training

with Michelle Heron

Saturday + Sunday March 7 + 8, 12 - 3:30 pm both days

Learn more here.

MBSR intensive Spring 2020 - Facebook Event (2)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

with Natalia Cepeda

Mindfulness can help ease the effects of stress, and help you manage emotional and physical pain symptoms. Learn simple awareness exercises that can profoundly enhance your quality of life.

5-week program starts this Saturday March 7th, 2 - 4 pm. 

Learn more here.

Full Moon Flow - Facebook Event-1

Full Moon Flow + Meditation

with Emilie Reid

Full moons bring lots of energy. Tap into nature's rhythm with an energetic practice and a meditation especially for this time of the month.

Friday March 6th, 6:30 - 8 pm

Learn more here.

Family Yoga Flow Image

Family Yoga with Greta
Sunday March 8th

Learn more here.

Myofascial Release Workshop - Facebook Event

Myofascial Release

with Christine

Feeling tight and not so flexible? Myofascial release is very effective at reducing muscular tension and soreness. 

Tuesday March 10th, 6:30 - 8 pm | Part 1 - Intro

Tuesday March 31st, 6:30 - 8 pm | Part 2 - Dig Deeper

Learn more here.

Spring Equinox Workshop - Facebook Event

Spring Equinox Celebration

with Loni Paul + Christine Tresselt

Shake off some of the winter sluggishness with movement, clear out space for new things to emerge with a lovely guided meditation and take a moment to acknowledge your inspirations for the new season.

Friday March 20th, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Learn more here.

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Recipes and Book Lists

What's for dinner? Check out the latest seasonal recipes on our blog. And watch the videos on our IGTV channel on Instagram where Danielle treats us to a delicious and entertaining cooking show. We're also starting a monthly book list so stay tuned for the March selection.

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yoga with your kids




Family Yoga Flow Image

Yesterday I had a parent come in and try to sign her teenage daughter up for a yoga class. She said to me, "My daughter needs yoga because her body is out of balance." or "Yoga will help her relax and breathe. She needs something to help her relax." Often what I really hear the person saying, is, "I need something to help me relax." It was no surprise to me when she admitted to never having taken a yoga class before.

As a yoga teacher, I am an expert at the "my _______ needs yoga" conversation (fill in the blank with kid/husband/friend/mom/etc). I get it. We are all trying to help our loved ones. And Moms are well-known for trying to give the best chance to their kids. But leading by example is one of the most powerful things we can gift children.

Better yet, what if moms did yoga with their daughters? Aren't we often wishing that we could spend more time connecting with our kids? Or doing activities that are fun together?

Doing yoga together can be so powerful. And you can start at any age really. New parents can practice Baby and Me yoga. This special class allows new parents to bring their infants into the studio, and allows them to practice while interacting with their child, and taking care of any feeding or diaper needs that arise during the class. Once they start crawling or walking, though, caregivers need to move with their kids. Family yoga classes are often offered to kids ages 2 and up. Ask your local yoga studio if they have a special class where you and your child can attend. 

Or simply grab a spot on the carpet in your living room, pull up a video online, and start moving and laughing together. 

If you're in the Medford/Boston area, check out one of our Family Yoga classes. For details and info, click here