[book review] Everything is definitely FIGURE-OUTABLE




This book has completely changed my way of thinking. 

The author, Marie Forleo, opens Everything is Figureoutable with a story about how her mother, a strong, stubborn Italian woman from New Jersey, who loved listening to her radio so much, decided one day that she would fix the radio when it stopped working. Even though she had never done anything like this before, her mother believed she could figure it out. 

Throughout the book, Marie shares the power of belief. That what we believe in our minds will most certainly manifest into our reality. If you believe you can run a marathon, you will. On the contrary, if you believe you couldn’t possibly run a marathon because you are out of shape or you are too old or because you aren’t a skilled runner, well, you won’t. What you believe to be true is true. And your beliefs affect your actions, habits, daily life, and all the possible outcomes that can result from them.

Two other topics Marie talks about that resonated with me were fear and excuses. We are all fearful of something. Sometimes that fear stops us from achieving what we really want to achieve, and stops us from getting what we really want out of life. She explains, “Write down the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen and what that would mean to you—mentally, emotionally, and financially. ... Then ask yourself, “Okay. Now, what’s the worst thing possible if that happened?” Keep going until you get to the absolute worst thing you can possibly imagine. Then, write the exact steps you could take to get back on your feet.” [p92; Marie Forleo, Everything is Figureoutable

The most useful tool I took away from this book is how to rephrase an excuse. Instead of saying something like, “I can’t work out today; I don’t have the  time.” rephrase that to, “I won’t work out today; I won’t take the time.” That completely reshapes the excuse, and challenges yourself. When you replace the word "can’t" with "won’t," you realize that you have the power within you to choose how you want to live your life. And perhaps we realize that there really is no external obstacle stopping us from doing something; that really we ourselves are making the decision to not do something. 

This book is practical and insightful. Marie shares real, practical and easily implementable tools. Marie doesn’t just say that “everything is figureoutable.” She helps us understand how, and does it with a firm, compassionate tone.

Excuses, oh excuses. I make them every day, and get so angry with myself because of it. After reading Marie’s suggestion to this problem, I feel like I have a newfound freedom. 

-Review by Danielle Liberatore

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