how to: Abhyanga - self-massage with oil





Ever wish you could put on a coat of armor to tackle your day? Or start your day feeling all warm on the inside when it's oh so cold outside? 

Abhyanga may be the answer. This traditional Ayurvedic practice is a self-massage with oil intended to help ground the body and mind, while deeply nourishing the tissues. 

I invite you into my bathroom and tell you how to practice abhyanga. You can use different oils for different times of year. 

Good oils for fall + winter: sesame oil (untoasted), or almond oil

Good oils for spring: sesame oil

Good oils for summer: sunflower oil, or coconut oil

Notice that coconut oil is only good in the summer. Because it's a cooling, drying oil, coconut oil just won't cut it in the deeper winter months when the weather is already cool and dry. Remember the Ayurvedic principle of applying opposite qualities to achieve balance. 

And don't be afraid to use a lot of oil. Especially in the fall and winter months here in New England, your body may absorb a lot more oil than you expect it would. This is an indication the body needs it. 

Benefits of Abhyanga:

-improves sleep

-improves circulation

-nourishes tissues and skin

-calms and grounds the mind 

-supports immunity


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