During this #beinspired challenge, you've done many things. You've walked with loved ones, practiced yoga on your mat at home and at the studio with friends, listened to classical music and belted out classic rock songs in your car, knit scarves, watched speakers brave the stage to share their stories, swung on the swing with your children, started a book, finished a book, and started another book. And so much more. 

But what you've really done over the last 21 days is to create your own catalog of activities that nourish and inspire you. 

So on days when you there's a pause in your daily routine and you find yourself wondering, What can I do now?, take your dog for a walk, or watch a Ted Talk and learn something new.

And on the days when life feels tense or uncertain and you ask yourself, 'What should I do now?' return to this same list. Instead of trying to solve it all right away, ask yourself, 'what do I really love?' and do that.

Do more of the things that make you feel more really alive, the things you really love. That's what yoga--and really, life--is about.

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