I challenge you. To engage with life. To do something everyday that makes you feel good. That reminds you of how amazing it is to be alive. And to really feel some of that alive-ness that we all forget we are. 

This November, join us in the Borealis 21-Day Challenge to Be Inspired. Everyone who completes the challenge will enter to win one of 5 $100 Gift Cards to Borealis.

Everyday for 21 days, you will do a #beinspired activity by choosing to do one of the following: Move, Read, Listen, Watch or Write. Take a picture of your daily activity and email it to: beinspired@borealisyoga.com. A complete description of the challenge guidelines is available here.

So go head. Pick up that book you've been using as a coaster. Listen to a piece of classical music you haven't heard in a long time. Or watch a video of someone who inspires you.

WARNING: This is NOT a yoga challenge. You do not have to practice yoga everyday. You can, but I don't recommend it.

Anyone can participate. You do not have to do yoga or live in the Medford/Boston area to participate in this challenge. 

#beinspired #borealis21daychallenge #yogainreallife

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